I am compelled to write to let would-be patients know of the wonderful, calm, and professional treatment I experienced at Pinner Green Dental Clinic. During treatment with previous Dentists, the amount of water into the mouth, yet lack of proper suction has left me feeling I might choke, and undeniably, I have experienced the pain of the injection used to anaesthetise the gum. Today, Dental Nurse Mandy wielded her instruments so perfectly, I had no discomfort whatsoever, and Dr Weinbaum used an anaesthetising cream to numb the relevant gum before injecting and undertaking treatment. Throughout the whole procedure, I felt not the slightest discomfort. Enough anaesthetic was used for treatment with my mouth feeling quite normal immediately afterwards. Quietly and calmly my visit to the Dentist was brilliant. Ella, the Receptionist, working at her desk makes up the friendly members of the Team that it has been my great and good fortune to meet. Shortly, I shall be returning for further planned treatment. Wholeheartedly, I commend to you, Dr Weinbaum and his Team for their excellence.

Christine | Pinner

Christine, Pinner.