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For damaged and decayed teeth, crowns act as a protective cap from further damage while serving to restore the tooth’s original strength.

The following are some of the most common reasons to have a crown fitted:

  • Directly following a root canal procedure
  • A cavity is too large or otherwise unsuitable for a filling, inlay or onlay
  • Providing protection for a weak, cracked or damaged tooth
  • Improve the appearance of teeth by hiding discolouration or damage
  • The prosthetic tooth on top of a dental implant
  • Anchors for a fixed dental bridge

How long does it take to make a crown?

Our beautiful and long lasting crowns usually take 2 weeks to create at our trusted laboratory, however this process can be expedited in some cases where required. Therefore crowns require two appointments with the dentist.

What is the treatment process for crowns?

At the first appointment, the tooth or teeth to be treated are numbed with local anaesthesia, which is used to block any sensations of discomfort. The tooth is then carefully shaped and any decay removed, following which a very advanced digital impression is taken to ensure a perfect fit for the crown. The tooth will then be fitted with a temporary crown to ensure comfort and stability of the prepared tooth.

At the next appointment, the temporary crown is carefully removed and the permanent crown gently placed over the tooth and tested for fit, comfort and aesthetics. Once any necessary alterations have been made, the crown is fitted with a high strength dental bonding agent, and you will leave our practice with a new smile.

If you have any questions about crowns or our new digital impression system, please call Pinner Green Dental on 020 8866 0362.

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