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Teeth Whitening

The excessive consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, and especially cigarettes harms the appearance of our teeth.

In a lot of cases, patients are eager to improve the quality of their smiles through whitening treatments.

Are there ways to prevent tooth discolouration without treatment?

Brushing twice daily is the best way to have bright, clean teeth.

Limiting tooth staining products like red wine and tobacco is an easy way to avoid tooth staining.

When drinking darker beverages like cola, use a straw. This helps the liquid bypass your teeth, reducing the probability of staining.

Enlighten’s Evolution™ at Pinner Green Dental Clinic

At Pinner Green Dental Clinic, we offer Enlighten’s Evolution™ which is one of, if not the most effective whitening treatment on the market today. It consists of a 2-week at home treatment during which you apply the whitening gel to your teeth overnight. After these two weeks, you return to our clinic for a 90 minute appointment.

Is at-home teeth whitening uncomfortable?

Although the bleaching formula is effective, it is also very safe and highly tested, so it should not cause you, your teeth or gums any discomfort. Minor sensitivity is a possibility and is easily dealt with yourself at home.

If you have sensitive teeth or gums, talk to your dentist about your concerns before starting treatment.

How long will it take until I start seeing results?

Depending on which shade your teeth were before starting treatment, you can see an improvement between anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks.

If you would like to achieve a brighter smile with a stronger, contact Pinner Green Dental on 020 8866 0362.

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