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White Fillings

We offer white coloured fillings as a restorative treatment for decay and to repair minor chips or gaps.

The fillings are made of a tooth-coloured mixture of plastic and ceramic and blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Before the procedure, your affected tooth, and surrounding areas are numbed with a local anaesthetic to avoid any discomfort. Then your dentist removes the decay from inside the tooth, filling it afterwards with a tooth-coloured material.

White fillings require less preparation than silver fillings, so more of your natural tooth is preserved. The filling is also placed in layers, so it provides more support to your tooth structure.

What are the advantages of a white filling?

  • Natural looking, invisible to anyone but a dentist
  • Minimally destructive to tooth structure
  • Does not contain mercury
  • Provide strength to the tooth
  • Do not conduct extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Harden quickly after being placed

I have a silver filling can I get a white filling replacement?

More patients are choosing to get white filling replacements to boost their confidence in their smile. It is possible, but an examination of your current filling is necessary before any treatment can take place.

If you are interested in how white fillings could improve your smile, contact Pinner Green Dental on 020 8866 0362.

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