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Pinner Green Dental Clinic tooth whitening

Teeth can become stained with tea, coffee, red wine or smoking, and also gradually darken over the years. Tooth whitening treatments are becoming increasingly popular as they can lighten your teeth to give you a more attractive, confident smile.

At-home whitening

At Pinner Green Dental Clinic, we offer a professional whitening system for you to use at home at a time convenient to you.

We provide you with special custom-made trays (a little like mouth guards) plus whitening gel, and will show you how to use them.

We recommend this system as it gives you control over the degree of whitening you desire.

Results are seen within just one to two weeks and are easy to maintain.

Book your whitening consultation

To find out more about tooth whitening and the results you can expect, please book a consultation at our practice in Pinner by calling 020 8866 0362 or using our online form.

This page was last updated on the 26th of March 2014