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A dental bridge is a great option for replacing a missing tooth when the teeth on either side of the gap are healthy.

Alternatively, two dental implants can be placed on either side of a gap.

How do bridges work?

A dental bridge requires two surrounding teeth, whether they are natural or artificial implants, on either side of the missing tooth. A false tooth which looks and functions exactly like a natural tooth is cemented in place between the two teeth. In certain circumstances, a single neighbouring tooth can be used to support the bridge.

Will others notice that I have a dental bridge?

No, not unless you tell them. Our experienced dental laboratory works tirelessly to ensure that your dental bridges and connecting crowns look exactly like your natural teeth.

How long does it take to make a bridge?

Our beautiful and long lasting bridges usually take 2 weeks to create at our trusted laboratory, however, this process can be expedited in some cases where required. Therefore bridges normally require two appointments with the dentist.

What is the treatment process for a bridge?

At the first appointment, the tooth or teeth to be treated are numbed with local anaesthesia, which is used to block any sensations of discomfort. The teeth are then carefully shaped and any decay removed, following which a very advanced digital impression is taken to ensure a perfect fit for the bridge. The teeth will then be fitted with a temporary bridge to ensure comfort, stability and a normal appearance, and to allow you to chew and function normally.

At the next appointment, the temporary bridge  is carefully removed and the permanent bridge gently placed over the tooth and tested for fit, comfort and aesthetics. Once any necessary alterations have been made, the bridge is fitted with a high strength dental bonding agent, and you will leave our practice with a new smile.

If you would like to fill gaps between your natural teeth, contact Pinner Green Dental on 020 8866 0362 for an initial consultation.

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